Home and Business Outdoor security camera system installation

Weather you are installing your cameras on a home or business if you are installing them
outside you will want to make sure they are weather proof. A big no no is to make the mistake of using indoor cameras outside. Indoor cameras are not designed to withstand the elements – moisture from the rain, snow, very high or very low temperatures and they are not designed to prevent dust from getting into the cameras. Do your self a favor and clrify with your installation company that the cameras you have or they are providing are outdoor weather proof cameras.

Outdoor camera features to consider

Another important feature to look for in your outdoor camera is night vision. Most cameras use infrared lighting to help you see in low light or no light conditions. So if the lighting outside gets too low the infrared in the cameras will come on to help you see. When the infrared comes on the image will go to black and white. Some cameras are now using a starlight feature that helps he camera see in color in low light conditions. Instead of the image going to black and whaite as in traditional infrared – the camera will take available abient lighting and mginy it to keep the image in color at night.

when looking at the infred feature of your camera you will want to find out the maximum distance the infrared will see in low light. Make sure the distance for the infrared will cover the distance you want to see at night. Most cameras have 100ft max on the infrared, but you can get specialised cameras that will shoot the infrared beam out longer distances e.g 300ft or more. In addition there are outdoor infrared beams you can also use to light up the space to help the camers see better.

Some questions you will want to ask your installer about your out camera system installation are

1-How do they pla to protect the wiring
2-Will they be using outdoor cabling
3-will they be running any consuit
4-If they are using conduit, will they be using junction boxes and are the juction boxes outdoor water tight electrical jucntion boxes
5-How high will they be mounting the cameras
6-How are they going to help you minimize vandalism to the cameras
7-What king of warranty do thet provide for the cameras, the cabling and conduit if thye used any

when looking at outdoor security camera installation make sure to ask for weather proof and vandal proof cameras. The vandal proof cameras are not indistructible but they are difficult to vandalize. You just want to make it difficult for people to damage the cameras.

If you are working with an experienced nstaller or installation company they should be able to help you pick the right cameras and install them professionally outdoor.