Affordable Security Cameras Elk Grove CA and Installation Service

If you are looking to protect your home or business with a video surveillance system we are here to help you. Our top of the line CCTV systems are cost effective and state of the art. If you are still searching for the best Video surveillance Elk Grove CA service, our expert installers will provide you with a FREE estimate for our security systems and video surveillance installation service. You will know exactly what a security cameras system and installation service cost in Elk grove.

Some of the features you get with our camera systems are

-Remote view  – view your cameras from your smart phone

-Night vision – see clearly in total darkness

-Weather proof – outdoor video cameras – that can withstand all weather conditions

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Home Security Cameras Systems Elk Grove CA For Residential Customers

Even if you purchased your residential video camera system from Walmart,, Home depot, Lowes or Best buy we can still help you. We can install your system or provide our affordable state of the art home CCTV system installation service in Elk Grove CA for you. All our home surveillance installs are custom and professional – we hide all wiring and use the best RG59 or CAT6 cabling and fittings.

Types of home surveillance systems we provide are

-hidden – spy cameras, -Outdoor, -Night vision, -wireless, -HD – High definition, -IP, -4K

Commercial Video Surveillance Systems And CCTV Installation Service For Businesses in Elk Grove CA

Let us help you protect your business and keep an eye on your employees with our commercial grade security systems for businesses. We provide free estimates, free consultation, free system design and professional expert installation service. Our warranty and lifetime phone support is unmatched in the industry.

Types of businesses we provide security for- this is just a short list – we provide camera systems for all types of commercial locations –

-Offices, -Warehouses, -Schools, -Strip malls, -Industrial facilities, -Retail, -Storage facilities, -Restaurants, -Hotels / Motels, -Night clubs

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Video Cameras Elk Grove CA To Consider when Choosing An Installation Company

1 – What are the best locations to put the cameras

During our free site survey our experts will help you determine the best locations to install video

Cameras based on what you want to protect or keep an eye on

2 – How many cameras do I need

We will help you determine the number of CCTV cameras you need during our free consultation

3 – What do security cameras systems in Elk Grove cost?

With our free estimate we will give you a detailed and complete quote o the total cost for the system and installation service

4 – what does video surveillance installation cost

The cost of installation form video surveillance can vary greatly between residential and commercial systems. Installation costs can be as low as $175.00 per camera for a home system and as high as a few thousand dollars per camera for a complicated commercial video system

5 – Do I need a permit to install video cameras on my home or business

In most cities there is no requirement for a permit to install a security camera system in your home or business.

6 – What other services do you provide

In addtion to sales – we also provide CCTV video surveillance repair and upgrade service and access control systems and burglar alarm systems.

Some Helful Information To Assist You In Your Search For The Best CCTV System In Elk Grove

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