Here are some questions you will want to ask the companies your are considering or your video surveillance installation project.

1-Do they hide the wiring for the security cameras.

-You will want to make sure they are going to either hide the cameras wiring or protect hem with conduit. The last thing you want is to make it easy for anyone to damage the cctv cabling

2-What type of warranty do they provide for the installation labor and installation materials

-You want to make sure they will come back to fix or replace any problems with the installation of your camera system.

3-What type of warranty do they provide for their camera equipment

-You want to make sure they will come back to replace or fix any of the cameras or recorders that go bad or are malfunctioning. Most companies will give a 3yr manufacturers warranty on tier equipment.

4-How long will the installation take?

-Most residential security cameras installation should take about 1.5hrs per camera. Commercial installation service will take much longer. You should get a free consultation to help determine the how many cameras you will need and how long the installation process will take.

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